Decorative cement floors

Kwa Décor Lifestyle manufactures a polymer modified cementitious floor overlay (a coloured cement flooring system), branded as DecorStone which offer several advantages over existing options such as tiles, carpeting, laminated flooring, etc. DecorStone is designed for domestic, commercial, retail and industrial floors and is suitable for both interior and exterior application.

Our DecorStone coloured cement floors can be applied directly to a wide range of new or existing floor surfaces, provided that the substrate is in good condition. These include over normal screeds, power or wood floated concrete, saving the need and cost of a screed,  and has been successfully applied to other existing surfaces.

DecorStone is only applied by trained franchisees to ensure product integrity, which enables us to offer a guarantee on our floors. Our franchisees will call on you to assess your existing floor, advise on your options and supply a quote.

DecorStone is manufactured in South Africa, ensuring a guaranteed supply to the local market.

Some of our completed projects can be viewed in our photo gallery.


advantages of our flooring system

  • To liven up the aesthetic features of an area for new or refurbished concrete
  • Ease of application and turn around time
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and high compressive strength
  • Very low water absorption properties
  • Non – dusting surfaces attributed to high performance polymer modification, low water cement ratio and a specific selection of well graded, hard wearing aggregates
  • DecorStone is a 3mm overlay system
  • A range of over 30 base colours with an added choice of "two tone" colour wash effects
  • Textured systems include single or multi coloured mottled earthy special effect patterns and finishes based on the designer or clients choice
  • Seamless application, easy to clean and therefore higher hygiene properties – reducing bacteria growth, germs, etc that harbour in grouted joints etc.
  • May be applied in all interior and exterior areas
  • Non – slip textures ideal for wet and outdoor applications such as patio’s, pool surrounds, walkways etc
  • Good chemical resistance and increased resistance to algae and other fungal growth over conventional screeds. Additional high chemical resistance properties offered by using an appropriate epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic sealer
  • The DecorStone System can be applied to any sound concrete/masonry surface



We are in the process of updating our gallery of completed work. You can view our existing gallery by following this link.